Walking & Hiking in Plettenberg bay


The Garden Route and Plettenberg Bay is  a favorite vacation spot for many South African families and international tourists alike. Well known for its expansive white sandy beaches and glorious blue sea teaming with marine life, there are also walks, hikes and nature trails for to suit any fitness level or anyone looking to cummune with nature and get some exercise.

The Garden route, which stretches from Mossel Bay to Storms River, got it’s name from the abundant fauna and flora, rivers, estuaries, lakes, forests and canyons which are unique to the area. Plettenberg bay is a small haven in The Garden Route with World renown beaches, World class accommodation, fantastic whale watching opportunities and many more beautiful attractions.

** Always take a hat, sunglasses, water and sun screen on your walks. For birders, binoculars and the latest bird identification apps.

Robberg Nature Reserve Walk

One of Plett’s most beloved walking trails is directly through Robberg Nature reserve which offer some of the most spectacular views of Plettenberg bay. The views, coupled with the diversity of fauna and flora are breathtaking to say the least and for every tourist to the area should be a must do activity.

There are 3 trails to follow in Robberg Nature Reserve marked by Seal pointers. There is a 2 hour walk and up to 4 hour walk for those who are more experienced hikers. From the trail you will see spectacular views of Plettenberg bay toward the Beacon Island Hotel and marine life through the crystal clear waters from the hillside above. Many walkers have witnessed large great white sharks cruising the back line, dolphins surfing the waves and pods of whales breaching.

The plant life including many varieties of indigenous fynbos, beautiful bird and insect life as well as secluded beaches are just some of the attractions along the way.

Garden of Eden Walk

The Garden of Eden is a short 1km walk in very old Forests which is mostly along wooden boardwalks. This is a unique forest walk where you will experience some of the most beautiful forest landscapes in the Garden Route and an easy walk for both children and those a little older or in wheelchairs.

Between July and September, you are very likely to spot Whales from the path or viewing area.

Like most forested areas, the birdlife, trees and species of plant are abundant.

There are picnic sites and benches along the way and at the viewpoint for a lovely day with children or older members of the family to enjoy. This is a highly recommended walk for nature lovers.

An easy walk with a lot of history in the area that has been open since 1926

Harkerville Forest Trail

Harkerville Hut

Harkerville is a short 15 minute drive from Plettenberg Bay on the way to Knysna that offers beautiful lush flora in abundance. The remarkable variety of flora are named and numbered for easy identification. This is a short 1km walk which you can easily fit in when on a trip to Knysna from Plettenberg bay. If you are a keen birder, take your binoculars with you, you may just spot Kelp Gulls, White-necked Raven and Rock Kestrel among many others.

This is an easy walk offering a fantastic show of indigenous plant, insect and bird life.

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Robberg Beach Walk

Robberg beach is a beautiful long stretch of beach flanked by some of the most incredible homes. These homes are along Beachy Head Drive in Plettenberg bay and are homes to some of South Africa’s wealthiest families. The views toward the Robberg nature reserve from a beach covered in shell fragments makes for a lovely early morning or evening walk.

Dogs on leashes are allowed on some parts of the beach. You will enjoy the walk many locals and tourists that value the gentle crashing of the waves, frequent dolphin sightings and surfers enjoying the waves.

Robberg Beach stretches from Robberg Nature Reserve all the way to the Beacon Island Hotel with many access and exit points along the way.

This is a beautiful stretch of beach which we recommend you walk in the early mornings or evenings. Meet the locals, surfers and visitors along this beautiful beach.

The Kranshoek Coastal Hiking Trail

The Kranshoek Coastal Hiking Trail offers intermediate hikers a solid few hour of some technical hiking. You will experience incredible coastal scenery in a circular walk through forests, across fynbos plains and along scenic cliffside paths. This walk/hike id not for casual walkers and has a ascent of 200m.

If you are lucky enough, you may just get to spot the elusive Cape Clawless Otter, dolphins, the Knysna Lourie, African Black Oystercatchers or even the Blue Duiker.

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The Wittedrift Nature Trail

The Bitou river is a magnificent river that is home to Emily Moon River Lodge and provides guests and visitors with the views and experiences that have provided lasting memories.

The Wittedrift Nature Trail takes you along the banks of the Bitou River. Along the trail you will be treated to wetland areas and superb examples of some very interesting Geology. The bird life along the river banks is simply magnificent which may include a Fish Eagle sighting. You are very likely to see locals walking their dogs or riding their horses along this trail.

The walk starts and ends at the Wittedrift High School.