Images by Page and Holmes Photography

“The inspiration behind our theme was completely organic. Our wedding day was merely a reflection of the things, places, colours and elements that we love and hold close to our hearts. We are inspired by nature everyday and more so, idolise the sunset. So, using the tones and hues from the setting sun was our main inspiration.

I have been drying flowers for some years now and wanted to incorporate that into our day as Emmanuel has always helped, researched and been inspired himself by the process. Since working in the yachting industry I have always struggled with disposing of flowers once they have lived out their days in vases. I was motivated to give them an ever-after, so we knew after the wedding that they would live long with the people we love and those who were a part of our day.

Emmanuel and I also collect feathers, which is how they became so relevant in our aesthetic. We love to see the different colours and characteristics of each one. We acknowledge the life that they have lived based on the various marks or imperfections in each. We believe that is what makes them beautiful and a reflection of what we all go through.

We were very inspired by Emily Moon – the love story behind finding paradise and the various finishings and furnishings that come from all over the world. We live our lives in a very neutral colour pallet filled with earthy tones and nature’s influence so our wedding day became an exaggeration of our everyday world that we treasure. The colours we chose spoke to both of us and set free our creativity.” – Ashleigh


Videographer: Orpen Film Co.
Floral designer and stylist: Milq & Honey
Dress: Ashleigh Dugdale (Bride)
Live Music: Dumama & Kechou
Makeup Artist: Debbie Jean
Hair Stylist: Phumelele Mdlalose